• Indoor LED screen narrow pixel pitch 1.87mm LED panel 16:9 aspect ratio

    Fine pitch 1.8mm LED screen.Slim LED panel size, 600x337mm, the golden aspect ratio 16:9, suitable for making 2K 4K and 8K LED screens.Ultra light-weight and th...

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  • Fine pitch 1.5mm pixel pitch indoor LED screen 600x337mm

    Fine pitch 1.5mm LED screens are widely used in conference room,exhibition hall, airport, railway station,metro station,control room, etc.More and more people c...

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  • High resolution fine pitch 1.25 mm LED video screen 16:9 aspect ratio

    Fine pitch 1.25mm pitch Indoor LED screen .The LED cabinet depth is only 32mm, it can save more space for the limited indoor environment. Compared with the conv...

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  • Fine pitch 0.93mm indoor LED screen Panel The 16:9 aspect ratio

    Indoor use fine pitch 0.93mm LED screen using mini LEDs. One of the highest indoor video led screens. Led panel dimension is 600x337mm, The golden aspect ratio ...

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