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Using the latest common cathode technologies. Saving 30% to 40% energy than conventional LED displays.



1. What are the advantages of a common cathode LED display?

· Precise control of power supply and energy saving: 

Common cathode LED display use precise power supply control technology, based on the different photoelectric characteristics of LED, red, green, blue, the three base colors.

It is matched with the main design of professional smart ICs, MOS and other professional design. Different voltages are accurately allocated for LED and drive circuits,

making the product save about 40% power compared to other products on the market.

· True energy saving brings real color:

Common cathode driver method can accurately control the voltage, while reducing power consumption, as well as reduced the heat,

the temperature of the LED display is about 20 ° C lower than the temperature of the same model of the conventional outdoor LED display.

Wavelength of LEDs do not shift at continuous work , thus bring stable performance and true color.

· Real energy -saving brings long lifespan: 

The energy consumption is reduced, which greatly reduces the temperature rise of the system and effectively reduces the probability of LED damage.

Improve the stability and reliability of the entire display system, and greatly extend the life expectancy of the system.

2. What is the future technological development trend?

The main reason for the slow promotion of common cathode Technology is that the production cost is high.

Common cathode requires chips, packaging, PCB and other industrial chains to customize , and the cost is high.

Therefore, manufacturers with technical strength can master and admire this technology.

In this era of high energy -saving calls, common cathode LED solution is an inevitable trend of market development, and will also be respected by the market.



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