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1. What is the Pixel Pitch of a screen?

The pixel pitch of a display refers to the center distance between two pixels. A P4 = a pitch of 4mm = the distance between two pixels is 4mm. A lower pitch is to say that the pixels are closer together and therefore delivers higher image quality. Pixel pitch is similar to resolution with the smaller the pixel pitch giving you the best resolution. But also remember that the price will go higher and in some situations it is a waste of money to have the smallest pitch on a far distance. Since the human eye can not see those details from far.

2. What does visual pixel distance say?

LED screens that support virtual pixel tech., can be put by a setting in the software in virtual mode. Thanks to this technology, the pixel distance of a LED screen virtually halved. Simply put the software each pixel is divided into four separate sub-pixels and control it separately to increase the image quality. A screen with a pitch (pixel distance) of 15mm can be virtualized using this technology to a visual pitch of 7.5mm. Real LED pixel is the physical LED pixel; virtual LED pixel is theoretically 4 times higher than real LED pixel. Actually, the real effect of the virtual pixel is not really 4 times better. It is only a much better, but not really can be 4 times better.

When you LED display system is more than 640*480 pixels, actually you don't need to use virtual pixel if you plan to use the whole LED display for one advertising content.

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